A bunch of hiking pictures

I’ve been lazy about uploading pictures lately.  Today I don’t have to teach elementary, so here is a big batch of hiking pictures.

The first gallery is from our first real hiking trip.  We went to Seoraksan National Park with Ben (a Canadian English teacher) and Mihyun (his girlfriend, also an English teacher).  We hiked to Ulsanbawi, a rock formation in the park.  When I say hiking, I mostly mean stair climbing.  The heavily-traveled trails are pretty tame, for the most part.  Certainly strenuous, but not technically difficult.

The giant buddha is a bronze statue near the entrance of the park.  The other statues are at a shrine on the beach that we visited on our way home.

These pictures were taken from a hill near our apartment.  It’s wooded and there are some trails going up it.  It was a hazy day, so you’re not necessarily looking at smog.  The city is a bit smoggy, but I think it’s usually a mix of exhaust and smog.  It’s not the prettiest city I’ve ever seen, but also not the ugliest.  (This is an unattractive angle, however.)

These pictures were taken on our second trip to Seoraksan Nat’l Park.  Erin and I went alone, and it was insanely busy.  We should have known better than to visit a popular park on a holiday weekend.  We hiked a an easy trail up to a cave in the mountains.  It was a beautiful walk.

These pictures are from last Sunday.  We went to a small mountain near Yongpyeong Ski Resort with Ben, Mihyun, and another teacher.  It was a gorgeous walk, but we got a late start and the trail was a lot longer than we anticipated.  We turned back about halfway up.  I didn’t take many pictures, but the changing leaves are gorgeous.  Korea is pretty if you can get out of the cities.

More writing to follow soon…