Drug Test, part 2

One of my readers reminded me that I hadn’t posted the new drug test results.  All clean!  That was a relief; I think a second positive would have been difficult to explain.  Now I even have my insurance paperwork.  If I get run over by a cab driver, the Korean government will actually help pay for my medical bills!  Pretty sweet.  Sure beats my (mostly) uninsured status back in the US.


2 Responses to “Drug Test, part 2”

  1. mattsadd on September 26th, 2008 8:06 pm


    I’ve heard Japanese cabbies wear little white gloves and drive flawlessly. Is the same true for Korea?

    Hope you guys are enjoying yourselves, I don’t know about you but now that it’s been a month I’m starting to miss Michigan just a wee bit. Let’s try and do that phone call dealy again sometime soon.


    erin Reply:

    I think maybe “flawless” is a relative term. I mean, we haven’t died yet, but it’s like Mr. Kim’s Wild Ride over here. But, yes, there are definitely little white gloves.


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