General Updates

So I’ve done very little writing on here lately, and lots has happened.  There have been plenty of important events in international relations in the past month, from the collapse of the Doha round to the Russian intervention in Georgia.  My (few) readers can expect more posts on topics like these in the future.

In personal news, my girlfriend and I are getting ready to move to Korea for a year.  We’ve signed a contract with EPIK, and will be teaching English in Korean public schools for the next year.  Expect updates and photos about this adventure.

I’m looking forward to a sweet Korean internet connection; the last few weeks at home (and on dial-up) have been frustrating.  I think we’ll be pretty grateful for the internet over there.  Given that we don’t speak a word of Korean, and we’ll likely be in a small town somewhere in Gangwon-do, I expect we’ll be spending lots of time with our computers.  I’ll be using it as an opportunity to make this blog a higher priority.  I miss writing, and even this informal BS is enjoyable.

Check back soon for more info, and if you’re privileged enough to have my Skype info, please give me a call now and then.


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