My Garden

I’ve planted a garden on the balcony of my apartment this spring. I’m growing a couple tomato plants, a couple pots of pole beans, some onions, some herbs, some peppers, and a few other plants and flowers. We’ve had great weather for growing in East Lansing; it’s been warm and has rained regularly. Everything is really taking off. I can’t wait to eat some veggies, but it’s nice just having plants around. Between the plants and the finally-green trees, the balcony has become an awfully nice place to hang out.

Here are some blurry pictures of the plants. I still can’t seem to take very good pictures with my roommate’s digital camera, but I’ll get it figured out.


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  1. Jan Sapak [Visitor] on May 30th, 2007 10:21 am

    Nice looking garden! We don’t have any seeds up yet in ours, but the tomatoes, peppers, brocolli and cabbage look good. Hopefully the beans and corn will be sprouting soon.


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